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Physical Edge Healthcare Thirroul - Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Rehabilitation & Nutrition Clinic was born to pursue a passion for empowering people to lead fully active, functional, and pain-free lives.

Pilates Equipment Classes Thirroul

What is Pilates/Group Physiotherapy?

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Our Group Physiotherapy Classes are a form of exercise which promotes correct body function and alignment by improving posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing.

At Physical Edge Healthcare we focus on the individual. We value specificity and attention to detail, tailoring your treatment to directly address your personal goals and maximise your own strength and wellness.

Our Group Physiotherapy Classes work wonders for stress relief, mental balance and improving strength and stability in the body. An effective session involves concentration, breathing and a strong mind body connection, along with a great workout.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, wanting to maintain or increase your exercise pre/postnatally or looking for something to complement and enhance your pre-existing exercise program, Pilates is the answer. Everyone is welcome!


Pre-Pilates/Group Physiotherapy assessment

Before starting your Pilates program, a one-on-one pre-assessment with the physiotherapist is required, which allows your therapist to take a thorough medical and injury history in order to formulate the best treatment plan for you with your strengths, weaknesses and goals in mind.

A real-time ultrasound may be used to assist in your assessment of core and pelvic activation. Although not always required, this can help us properly assess your pelvic floor function, which will in turn help us work out what the appropriate treatment option is for you.


Equipment sessions

Our equipment sessions utilise two clinical Pilates reformers, a trapeze table and a split box/chair along with a wide array of matt props and other weights and gym equipment. Each session is 60 minutes long and has a maximum of 4 people, which allows our trained Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists to ensure a supportive atmosphere with personal attention.


What do I bring?

• Comfortable exercise clothes
• Socks
• Water bottle
• X-rays and scans to your pre-pilates assessment
• Please come to your appointment with a full bladder to allow for optimal use of the real-time ultrasound


Private sessions are available by appointment.

Health fund rebates are available.

If you are interested or require any further information, please call our friendly staff.

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