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Women's Health - Pre and Post Pregnancy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy


Pre & Post-Natal Screening & Strengthening

Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to the treatment and management of any health concerns related to pelvic floor dysfunction, pre and post-natal rehabilitation, continence, pelvic pain and pre and post-menopausal changes. Continence and Women's Health is a specific area of physiotherapy that requires additional training to provide management of problems that can occur in women throughout life. Erin Brighenti and Emily Bell, our Women's Health Physiotherapists have pursued this high level of continuing education.

Areas we can help with:

  • Safe exercise during pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Pelvic pain
  • Urinary and bowel urgency incontinence
  • Constipation
  • Bowel control
  • Bladder problems
  • Pain or lack of stability in the low back, coccyx or pelvic girdle
  • Abdominal separation
  • Ultrasound therapy (mastitis, engorgement treatment)

What to expect at your first Women’s Health Physiotherapy Session

The first session is a Women’s Health Assessment starting with a comprehensive history about your pelvic floor function, bladder and bowel habits, sexual and obstetric background. A real-time ultrasound may be used to assist in examination and treatment strategies and/or and internal examination. Although not always required, this can help us properly assess your pelvic floor function, which will in turn help us work out what the appropriate treatment option is for you.

Please come to your appointment with a full bladder to allow for optimal use of the real-time ultrasound.

Following the initial assessment, we will then come up with the best management plan for you. This may involve a pelvic floor strengthening program, retraining of your bladder habits, relaxation and breathing techniques, possible lifestyle changes, the use of specific pelvic floor equipment may be indicated (e.g. electrical stimulation unit or weighted pelvic floor training tools). We will also determine if any further input from other health professionals or onward referral is needed.

Cost of a Women’s Health Physiotherapy Session

  • Women’s Health Initial Assessment (60 mins) $180
  • Women’s Health Follow Up Consultation (45 min) $145
  • You can claim a Medicare rebate (Medicare Easy Claim) for Women’s Health consultations if you are referred by your GP under the Enhanced Primary Care plan which entitles you to receive 5 rebatable treatments per year.

What to do next?

Call or book online for an Initial Women’s Health Assessment. If you would like find out any more information about whether our treatment options are right for you, call our friendly staff. When making an appointment, make sure you let the receptionist know that you require a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Erin Brighenti | Physiotherapist

Erin Brighenti

BPhty, M.A.P.A.

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Erin is a Physiotherapist with postgraduate training in Clinical Pilates, Sports Physiotherapy, Dry Needling and Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

University Training
Erin graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Past Work Experience
Erin has worked in private practice and on field with various sporting teams.
She has worked with the Canberra district NEAFL team and local soccer and rugby teams across her career as a physiotherapist.

Treatment Approach
Erin appreciates and understands the importance of personalised rehabilitation for every individual, including group physiotherapy sessions.

Special Clinical Interests
Erin has developed a passion in working with physically active individuals looking to achieve their goals. Erin’s main area of interest in Clinical Pilates is postural alignment and correcting poor lumbo-pelvic control which can contribute to overuse injuries. Also trained in Women's Health, Erin has a passion treating bladder and bowel, prolapse, pelvic pain, pregnancy and post-natal issues. She also enjoys treating spinal, knee and soft tissue injuries as she understands the limitations they cause having undergone two knee surgeries herself. As a result, she is passionate about returning clients to their pre-injury and sporting lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Personal Interests
In her spare time, you’ll see Erin playing touch football, hitting the beach or curled up with a good book.

Emily Bell Physiotherapist

Emily Bell

BSci (Phty), M.A.P.A


Emily is a qualified Physiotherapist with additional training in dry needling and Women’s Health.

University Training
Emily graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Past Work Experience
Emily has worked in private practice settings treating and managing musculoskeletal issues and Women’s Health clientele. She has also previously worked in a physiotherapy practice treating and managing NDIS clientele.
Emily has several years’ experience working with the Western Australian Football League and Australian Football League umpires along with local football and Gaelic football teams.

Treatment Approach
Emily believes in taking a holistic approach with her clients to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Emily ensures she uses the latest evidence based practice and also recognised the importance of an individualised treatment plan for each individual as no two people are the same.

Special Clinical Interests
Emily has a special interest in Women’s Health treating bladder and bowel issues along with pre-natal and post-natal issues. Emily also has a special interest in clinical Pilates for injury management and prevention.

Personal Interests
In her spare time, you’ll see Emily exploring the areas bush walks, at the beach watching her partner surf or attempting to surf herself and cooking.



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